CD Vattenklanger

Katarina Leyman  Vattenklanger

  1. Swarms for 6 players
  2. Crepúsculo for soprano and piano
  3. Brazilian Garden for clarinet and piano
    1. Dawn
    2. Macacos
    3. Lizards and Snakes
  4. Embroideries: Five pieces for piano solo
    1. Silvery Threads
    2. Running Stitches
    3. Silken Strands
    4. Bold Patterns
    5. Florid Lines
  5. Vattenklanger I for soprano, clarinet and piano

Thora Einarsdóttir, soprano

Stefan Harg, clarinet

Katarina Ström-Harg, piano

Tale Manze Olsson, violin

Anna Petry, violin

Håkan Olsson, viola

Helena Nilsson, cello

Michael Karlsson, double bass


""Crepusculo or Twilight, for soprano and piano is especially fascinating. The text from a poem by Alfonsina Storni describes the sunset. The singer's voice is low and contemplative, the peculiar harmonies and persistent melodies are seductive. The whole picture is so impressive that it feels like time stands still."

Jónas Sen at Fréttablaðið


AUGUST 15, 2020